An open winch type lifting has numerous advantages:

- Higher lifting speeds and/or increased lifting capacities and/or higher FEM working groups.

- To improve the accessibility and regulation the brake is completely exterior.

- To provide easy access for maintenance and inspection, the gear box has a top opening lid.

- Elastic couplings are used to make connections between motor and gearbox, and gearbox and drum.

- To ensure the correct placement of wire rope in drum grooves, the Slack Wire Rope Detector mechanism is used.

- Greater accessibility is provided for maintenance of various components.

- To avoid lateral displacement of hook during lifting, true vertical lift is kept as standard.

- Offers the possibility to use 1 motor instead of two, thus halving the probability of having a breakdown. With an increased motor size, there is a possibility of using engines of 1,500 and 1,000 rpm.

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