As a responsible, reputable and respected crane manufacturer, Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia offers not only products but a wide array of services as well. From repairs and maintenance to spares as well as renovations, we have you covered all the way. If needed, contact us or stay in touch via social media to get recommendations and answers from specialists. We offer:

Preventative maintenance for cranes conformed to the highest standards in accordance with the EU and your respected local laws, we guarantee a perfect end result. Preventative maintenance seeks to prevent any issues with the machinery itself as well as help avoid any accidents or breakdowns. The most valuable benefit is that you prevent the loss of time, money and falling behind schedule.

Repairs for cranes Etihadcranes will always repair the crane if it breaks down or has issues mechanically. We guarantee an effective and perfectly working product, which is what you will get with us. Our commitment to making sure the devices and equipment are durable, long-lasting and efficient, is uncompromised. Etihadcranes will perform the repairs as quickly as possible.

Renovations and upgrades for cranesif needed, we can replace the hoist, motors, electrical equipment, install variable frequency drives or radio control, transfer cranes to an entirely new location, change its dimensions as well as switch the type of power lines. Upgrades and renovations can be done to increase safety and/or productivity.

Spare parts for cranes we have a large warehouse and storage of spare parts, ranging from motors, gearboxes, rails etc. Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia can provide the highest quality spare parts with a warranty. 

Accessories for cranesfor each one of our products, clients can choose a wide variety of accessories. These include radio controls, weighing systems and much more. Accessories are meant to simplify the work whilst making lifting even safer to do.

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