Overhead (EOT) cranes also known as Suspended bridge cranes are sometimes called underslung cranes. They are great in terms of optimizing limited available space and height resources. When compared against other types of cranes, suspended bridge cranes can lift more weight and lift it higher. This type of machinery is able to do so because of clever engineering and an optimized lifting model. When a traditional runway is absent or when the cargo needs to be moved a long distance (a large span is required), choosing an overhead crane is your best bet.

Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia is ready to offer you top of the range, state-of-the-art crane products including overhead (EOT), bridge cranes. We have more than 60 years of experience modelling, manufacturing, repairing and operating various types of cranes. The manufacturing process is fully robotized, ensuring there is no room for flaws or errors.

Etihadcranes offer a wide variety of crane products. However, we are incredibly proud of our overhead (bridge or underslung) crane lineup and the previous work we have completed in this field. Numerous satisfied clients all over the world, certificates and recognition from the media, peers and our clients help us strive for perfection every single time. Through thousands of completed orders, we have perfected every single step of crane manufacturing. Our clients and their satisfaction are our number 1 priorities, meaning that we let nothing get in the way of it.

Additional services for overhead (EOT) cranes:

Besides, Etihadcranes offers a wide array of spare parts and accessories for overhead (EOT) cranes. Whether you require more mobility or extra modules, a more capable hoist, etc. we can provide all of it, no stress guaranteed. Besides, Etihadcranes offers repairs and service/maintenance for overhead (bridge) cranes . If any faults or damage occurs, we can fix it and return your crane back to working order. If the product needs restoration works, we can do it also.

All in all, overhead cranes can be relied on to carry and lift heavy loads or lighter objects. They are quite precise and move at solid speeds, making them efficient and useful in almost all sorts environments. However, they truly show their full capabilities when there is a lack of a traditional runway. By combining the possibility to build a unit with a very large span, a bridge crane is excellent for heavy industries, auto manufacturing, powerplants, etc. 

If you are looking into getting any type of crane or upgrading your current equipment, do not hesitate and get in touch to get a price of overhead crane! We would be happy to help!

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