Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia is amongst the industry leaders in crane, hoist, cart, related accessories as well as kit production. Amongst our products clients can find:

  • Bridge and EOT Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes/Automotive Gantry Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Hoists
  • Crane Kits
  • Open Winches
  • Transfer Carts
  • Related Inventory/Accessories 

Etihadcranes will also provide full technical support if needed. The broad range of products is diverse and unique because our company seeks to supply all clients in need of lifting, moving and cargo service solutions. With well over 100 thousand Etihadcranes in operation throughout the world, our company has the proper experience, recognition and track record of being the leader in this sphere.

Types of Etihadcranes products:

  • Bridge cranes and EOT cranes – heavy duty machinery with the sole purpose of moving and carrying weighty loads. GH constructs modular equipment which is easy to place, maintain and repair if needed. Bridge and EOT cranes are welded by robotic welding machines, guaranteeing 100% accuracy, quality, and precision. These cranes use chain and wire rope hoists which vary in maximum load, ranging from 0,5 to 100 tons. There are single and double girder as well as underslung bridge and cantilever cranes.
  • Gantry cranes – purpose-built to move on tracks, these cranes are fast, capable and efficient. Etihadcranes has over 60 years of experience in gantry crane manufacturer. On the other hand, automotive gantry cranes are mobile and have wheels. Thanks to this, clients can carry and transport loads with autonomy and easiness.
  • Jib cranes – either fitted with a chain or wire rope hoists, jib cranes can carry anywhere from 0,5 to 20-ton loads in spaces with low ceilings. These products can be both manuals or motorized and are known for high precision work. In addition, jib cranes work well in areas with low ceilings. Their advantage, however, is that they do not need a lot of headroom.
  • Hoists for cranes – state of the art hoists for cranes. They can be fitted to EOT, gantry and semi gantry cranes. Etihadcranes is listed as one of the top lifting equipment manufacturers, and with standard safety control systems, we produce capable and durable machinery that can lift anywhere from 0,8 to 100 tons of cargo.
  • Crane kits – for a simplified construction of a bridge, gantry or suspended crane. Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia will supply the necessary components and accessories.
  • Open winches – easily maintained and very capable piece of machinery used for strenuous loads as well as in industries, where lifting has to be speedy.
  • Transfer carts for cranes – either steerable or on rails, transfer carts are the go-to option to move cargo on the ground level.
  • Cranes accessories and options – if needed or desired, Etihadcranes can provide load control, radio controls, centrifugal safety brakes, and a power supply system and add them to your product as well.

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