Single and double girder cranes are available in Saudi Arabia in different spans, lifting heights and capacities (from 1 to 400 tons).

With optimized weights, they offer greater stability along with premium manufacturing system from our European manufacturer that assures perfect dimensional characteristics of the crane.

Both single girder cranes and double girder cranes are great for moving both heavy and lighter loads. They can lift cargo and move it laterally. Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia manufactures girder cranes in various spans, lifting capacities and height. The most capable units will be able to move 400 tons of weight while the standard choice can handle 1 ton. We equip these machines with various types of hoist. Some sets of crane will be able to handle more strenuous loads while others will be very quick and tremendously efficient with smaller cargo.

Sometimes referred to as the overhead travelling crane, the single and double girder cranes offer a lot of precision and quick moving of cargo overall. Any crane from this category can be optimised to match and suit your manufacturing or production needs. Just like with EOT cranes, Etihadcranes can deliver, service and modify girder cranes according to your need and desire. 

Etihadcranes ensures 100% quality and longevity for all products. We have developed and perfected a robotised manufacturing process. It is error-free and works around the “human factor” making every nut, bolt and line as straight, sturdy and precise, as it can possibly be. Our European manufacturer can vouch and assure that every crane has perfect dimensional characteristics. It is this state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering technology which allows our units to lift even 400-ton cargo. Our team trains your staff to operate and handle the equipment.

Furthermore, we give our products a very reassuring and long-lasting warranty. During the period of warranty, you are protected from any mechanical malfunctions or issues that might occur. If they do happen, please contact us, and we will arrive to make the repair or upgrade which is necessary. 

We have many spare parts to repair any damage or modify it if needed. An overhead crane can be upgraded after you find the need for more functionality or versatility. We can also restore overhead travelling cranes after a long time-in-service. Since they are a very costly purchase, there are occasions when restoration seems a better option rather than just buying a new unit. The same applies to all EOT cranes we make. The most common and necessary modifications seemingly always revolve around the hoist. By wanting to increase maximum load capacity, customers frequently ask to equip their single or double girder cranes with more capable hoists.

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