Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia offers a wide range of products and services for hoist, crane and service needs in this industry. With over 100 thousand Etihadcranes in operation today, our business is as motivated as ever to provide the highest quality service and products for our clients. Among the products are gantry and semi gantry cranes. What are they?

Types of Gantry cranes:

1) Gantry cranes are heavy duty machinery meant to lift and transport weighty loads from one point to another. Gantry cranes are very popular in a wide variety of industries because of their versatility. They come with a sort of legs and wheels which allows them to be mobile and move on a specific track when needed. The track is on the ground level and can help cover large areas which make the gantry crane almost essential for large industrial factories, cargo bays, storage facilities, etc. Thanks to high load capacity and impressive movement speeds, gantry cranes are mostly used outdoors. Etihadcranes company makes them using robotic and automated technology, which helps protect them from the negative impact of the atmosphere as well as improve and guarantee the safety of the people operating it and working nearby.

2) Semi gantry cranes are quite similar to gantry cranes (as the name would suggest). However, the semi-gantry option can be visualized and seen as a one-part gantry crane. While one side is on an elevated track, the other remains on the ground. This is a better solution for clients who have limited or less space or cannot afford to cover the entire area. Once again, the emphasis is on the reliability of the product as well as the safety of those working with it and nearby. Both gantry and semi-gantry cranes are well-known for their sturdiness and security, with clients praising their build quality as well as low operational/maintenance costs. Etihadcranes can upgrade cranes which need some improvement, renovate aging or out-of-date machinery, maintain your products and repair if something needs fixing.

GH gantry and semi gantry cranes by Etihadcranes are seen as a global standard which makes us strive for perfection with every product we make, service we provide and spare we administer. If any questions occur or if you wish to consult with us about price or how to buy a crane, please feel free to call, write an email or drop us a line via social media. There is also a convenient contact form which you can use to address concerns or get in touch!


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