Combining the mobility of some crane products and simplicity of use automative gantry cranes on tires is an excellent example of efficiency, straightforward maintenance and vast capabilities. Currently Etihadcranes offers a wide range of options with different lifting capacities. You can pick units with anywhere from 10 to 400 tons. Anyone, despite their needs and requirements can pick out a capable-enough unit without overspending or purchasing something which is not capable enough.

This is a perfect solution for precise load lifting in even the most challenging and restrictive scenarios. Thanks to the autonomy they bring into transporting and lifting the load, construction, production or service tasks can be completed with so much more ease. Applications for automative gantry cranes on tires are seemingly endless as they are being used in all sorts of industries and spheres.

Regular gantry cranes are a versatile piece of machinery which allows the completion of various tasks. Put a gantry crane on wheels (tires), and you have a match made in heaven. With impeccable build quality thanks to fully automated and robotized production lines, state of the art technology, durable and sturdy materials as well as the know-how assembled over many decades of experience, Etihadcranes can offer a lot of cranes, hoists, accessories for cranes, lifting equipment as well as service.

Automative gantry cranes on tires specifics:

An automative unit is innovative and provides more flexibility when compared with a unit which runs on tracks. The hoist can be placed anywhere; it needs to go thanks to the wheels. Whereas tracks can only position gantry cranes wherever the tracks run, units with wheels are not troubled by such a restriction. This feature alone puts it over the top and makes it a more suitable option for many users.

Etihadcranes can satisfy all of your needs for automative gantry cranes on tires and lifting equipment as well as their accessories. We are based in Saudi Arabia but service clients globally. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a price for automative gantry cranes on tires, a more capable hoist or better lifting equipment in Saudi Arabia, Europe or the Middle East.

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