For the best quality crane products, you can always rely on Etihadcranes. We can also provide durable and time-tested transfer carts that travel on rails. Etihadcranes offer a lot of experience in the field. After having fulfilled numerous orders around the world, our business can deliver highest quality lifting equipment or kit for cranes straight to you. However, let us shift focus on to transfer carts. They are the go-to equipment for moving lighter or heavier loads from one workstation to another. Etihadcranes transfer carts can lift and transport cargo anywhere from 10 up to 100 tons. Transfer carts on rails (cable reel powered) are highly mobile on level ground. This machinery is appreciated and in wide-use all around the world. From automakers to busy and large cargo warehouses, many industries and businesses utilise transfer carts and especially transfer carts which travel on rails.

We can provide a broad range of transfer carts whether armoured line or cable-reel powered to all businesses in Saudi Arabia. Besides implementing state-of-the-art engineering solutions, Etihadcranes also have the experience and know-how on manufacturing durable and dependable machinery. With regards to transfer carts on rail (cable reel powered), armoured line transfer carts or any different kinds of cranes and cranes products in Saudi Arabia - get in touch to ask about transfer cars price! We will get back to you with more precise details or will give unbiased insights/suggestions.

For cranes, crane and lifting equipment, purchase of a hoist, always choose Etihadcranes.

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