Providing high precision in manual or motorized power movement, Jib Crane is the ideal solution for moving loads in a circular area next to the work station.

They can be fitted with chain or wire rope hoist, in low headroom or normal headroom configuration. Available from 500 kg to 20 tons in Saudi Arabia.

In the field of cranes and crane work, jib cranes hold a special place. They are held in very high regard due to the precision they are able to provide. Almost no other type and sort of crane can come close to a jib crane. Whether it would be a manual or a motorised, mechanical unit, these sorts of cranes are very popular all over the world for the very same reason.

Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia is proud to be one of the world’s leading jib cranes providers. We can configure any unit for low headroom (low ceiling) situations or normal headroom ones. Based on the preferred configuration, the load capacity of your unit could be impacted. In general, Etihadcranes can fit your jib crane with wire rope or chain hoists. Each hoist type has its pros and cons, but we recommend that you consult with us before deciding on the choice of the hoist. The result will be a jib crane which will be able to lift anywhere from 0,5 to 20 tons. 

Usage of Jib cranes:

Jib cranes are mostly used in situations where the loads have to be moved in a circular motion or area. Because the hoist and crane are based on a circular pillar, they can be very precise and delicate in a circular area. This is ideal for ports, factories, plants and other industries. What is more, that there are both mechanically operated and motorized units. Based on your preference, budget and or needs, you can quickly build and customize the perfect jib crane.

If you look for jib cranes providers in Saudi Arabia, Etihadcranes be your number one choice. We have more than six decades of experience and retain the reputation of being one of the world’s premier crane manufacturers and related service providers.

During the cranes’ lifespan, you could decide to make some changes, upgrades, even service or a complete overhaul might be required. We have you covered! Etihadcranes provide excellent jib crane services, whether it would be repairing, restoring, re-configuring or anything else. If you are facing a mechanical issue – do not hesitate to contact Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia to get the price of jib cranes. We can perform jib crane repairs throughout all of the time of operation. What is more, you can choose from a broad range of accessories for this type of crane. You might not need it now, but as time passes, lack of mobility or the need for more straightforward control can be satisfied by getting new accessories for the crane. Moreover, if anything suffers mechanical or external damage, we can supply any bolt, part or joint from our warehouse of jib crane spare parts.

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