Etihadcranes offer a broad range of cranes, cranes products and all sorts of lifting equipment as well as accessories for them. For the most challenging and heavy loads, we offer process and large capacity cranes in Saudi Arabia. 

Thanks to a broad range of utilization capabilities, large capacity cranes are great in the world of industry, warehousing and other fields. They are perfect when lifting conditions are difficult or limited. Etihadcranes can supply your business or organisation located in Saudi Arabia with both process and large capacity cranes for workflow improvement, process optimization and lifting capability boost.

With such machinery, even the most difficult tasks can be hoisted, lifted and transported without having to bring in outsourced mechanisms. This saves time, money and encourages a more balanced and refined work of the cranes and all of your lifting equipment. Equipped with a capable and durable hoist, these cranes can lift and transport tens of tons worth of cargo daily. They can be operated easily, thanks to straightforward and functional control modules. What makes them even better is that the cranes are fast. Contrary to most machinery which is intended for confined or limited spaces, process and large capacity cranes move swiftly.


This machinery is aimed to efficiently increase the output and provide an upsurge in safety of work. With regards to the applicability, process cranes come in a wide range of varieties. These include:

  • Papermill cranes
  • Steel industry cranes
  • Shipyard cranes
  • Automotive cranes
  • Foundry cranes
  • Open winch cranes
  • Waste-to-energy cranes

With decades of crane building and service under our belts, Etihadcranes can boldly claim that we know the best formula for building durable, capable and innovative lifting equipment. Thanks to the automatized manufacturing process and talented as well as experienced specialists working together, we are able to produce and offer top of the range equipment to our clients.

If you want to know more or get an unbiased opinion and price on what could work best for you – get in touch! We also offer spare parts, maintenance and can sell accessories for cranes, crane products and other lifting equipment, if needed.

Types of Process and large capacity Cranes:

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