Capable of lifting up to 150 tons, these transfer carts are aimed at transporting railway vehicles, thus the name – rail vehicle transfer carts. Etihadcranes produce them in two capacities of either 60 or 150 tons. Mostly utilized by railways and train manufacturers, these machines can be put to work elsewhere if needed.

Rail vehicle transfer carts are typically operated when railway cart, train or locomotive repairs are done. With high precision movement, these transfer carts can speed up work and boost productivity both short and long-term. If you are in Saudi Arabia, operate in this field and desire to increase your output or increase job efficiency – choosing a rail vehicle transfer cart is without a doubt among your best options.

Many decades of successful experience with supplying cranes, crane products, lifting equipment and transfer carts later, Etihadcranes have established a strong presence in the market for building and servicing high-quality equipment. Our top priorities are safety, durability and innovation. By combining all of them into one place, Etihadcranes are able to sell market-leading transfer carts in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

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