Etihadcranes offers top of the range cantilever crane in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabic world.

Usage of Cantilever cranes:

Cantilever crane is a type of crane which is unique and highly efficient. It is best used when there is a need to service and handle more than one work stations without having to cover the entire width or length of the facility. For such instances, a cantilever crane seems to be a near-perfect solution.

In our lineup, these cranes are able to lift anywhere between 1 and 25 tons. Such varying lifting capabilities prove that anyone can find an appropriately powerful and capable crane for their needs. If you are looking for a price of cantilever crane in Saudi Arabia, or any other type of crane and related accessories, look no further than Etihadcranes. Moreover, you can vary between single and double girder variations. 

This particular type of crane can be labelled as a durable, sturdy and capable piece of machinery. We have robotized the entire production process to optimize various actions and reduce the cost of manufacturing. The result is the unparalleled quality with absolutely no room for error and a great price-quality and price-performance ratio.

Additional services for cantilever cranes:

Any cantilever crane from Etihadcranes is seemingly always in high demand. Clients from all over the world are reaching out to us to construct a new crane for them or repair, restore or even upgrade their current device. One of the most common requests is hoist replacement. Since the hoist is an integral part of the crane’s performance, we can swiftly change it to provide higher lifting capabilities without you having to buy a new crane. Etihadcranes can offer chain and wire rope hoists. 

What is more, our clients get access to service and maintenance from professionals. All of our crane products come with a warranty and support. Even though we guarantee 100% quality, some external factors could damage your machinery, or you might need to upgrade it. In this case, we always have a large variety of cantilever and jib crane spare parts for your needs. We can update the control module, switch the hoist, make other upgrades to boost functionality and ease of use. 

Finally, if you have any more questions or wish to get a quote – feel free to drop us a line via the contacts provided on our webpage to get a price of cantilever cranes. We will get back to you ASAP.

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