When it is not required to cover the entire width of the workshop, Semi Gantry Crane is the perfect solution. One side of the crane is on a runway at ground level while the other side runs on an elevated runway.

GH Cranes is a global leader in the field of crane manufacturing, service and construction provided by Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia. By setting the bar high for ourselves, we have always got a clear and very important standard to follow. Every single one of our products is meticulously built. Using modern technology and years of engineering know-how allows Etihadcranes to stay in the lead even after more than six decades of operation.

Usage of Semi Gantry cranes:

Semi gantry cranes are an ideal choice when the working area does not cover the entire width or length of the workshop. The difference between regular gantry cranes and semi gantry cranes is quite simple — the former run on a level flooring. The latter has one side mounted on a runway which is on the ground level while the other side is fixed on an elevated track. In most cases, these cranes operate in facilities where there is narrow or restricted space. For the highest ratio of cover, you can choose to combine semi gantry and overhead cranes.

The manufacturing process is fully robotized. This means that every screw, bolt and angle is accurate and in place. We can arrange a wide variety of configurations and prepare these cranes to lift various capacities. Most capabilities of the crane are directly linked to the hoist that it is equipped with. Etihadcranes offer a few different options in this sector. Both wire rope and chain hoists are available with all of our products. 

All of the products are made with accordance to the newest safety standards. Etihadcranes company offers unparalleled quality, durability and longevity for the cranes' structure and mechanical components. To ensure this, we also provide service, maintenance and modification work for all semi gantry cranes. We can add a radio control module, switch the type of hoist, replace a malfunctioning part or restore the crane in its entirety.

On your end, you should make sure that the external conditions are suitable for the crane. Please protect it from extreme changes in temperature, tremendous and greatly varying humidity (above 80%), fire, etc. Under regular or even quite extreme conditions, Etihadcranes have a reputation for being the most durable and long-lasting in the entire market. 

All in all – Etihadcranes can adequately cover all of your semi gantry crane needs from A to Z. We can design, build, deliver and instruct you how to operate it and provide service. Moreover, we have a large warehouse for spare parts if upgrades or repairs are necessary.

Please contact us if you want to get more information about semi gantry cranes and to know about price of semi gantry cranes in Saudi Arabia!

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