Transfer carts are not the cranes' products with the most mentions, but they are certainly among the most useful purchases for factories, businesses, warehouses, etc. Wherever work might involve transfer of heavy loads and the hoist, cranes or other lifting equipment is far away, transfer carts prove to be the most efficient and reliable solution. 

Currently, we offer:

  • Directional battery-powered transfer carts for cranes
  • Battery-powered transfer carts on rails for cranes
  • Cable reel powered transfer carts on rails for cranes
  • Rail vehicle transfer carts for trains

Their lifting capacity varies from 10 to 100 tons. The wide variety offers versatility and flexibility for our clients.

Both battery-powered and cable reeled powered transfer carts are great in a variety of ways. Since they operate on ground-level, transfer carts make it simple to move cargo and loads from point A to point B without involving complex transport solutions. Free movement or directional carts are only battery-powered but they have arguably the most mobility in this field.

Every one of our products is of modular construction. All cart units are very versatile and adaptable to your needs. Factories, construction companies, warehouses, ports and shipbuilding factories as well as many other organisations can find use from a transfer cart. Since most of them move autonomously, you only need human resources to overlook the movement and control it, instead of employing a heavy-duty truck or train cart to move the load. Lifting capacities of up to 100 tons make it very easy to transport large scale and heavy objects.

Our products are made following the latest EU standards. Our short and long-term goals involve maximum product efficiency, safety and durability. Etihadcranes also offer service and repairs for our clients if they find a need for such services.

For more cranes products in Saudi Arabia, check out our product catalogue. You can find cranes, lifting equipment, accessories for cranes, spare parts, a more powerful hoist right here on Etihadcranes. If you have any questions or want to discuss opportunities – do not hesitate to drop us a line!

Types of Transfer Carts:

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