Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia currently has more than 100 thousand operational cranes all over the world. A name synonymous with quality, longevity, reliability and technological advancements, Etihadcranes is as motivated as ever to provide you with the best crane products possible. Among them are cantilever and jib cranes.

Types of cantilever cranes: 

1) Cantilever cranes are in very high demand. They are sought after because of their ability to service more than one workstation without having to cover the entire width of the working area. If there are some restrictions on freedom of movement on the ground, nothing better than cantilever cranes can be found. They are quite capable and depending on the model can lift from 1 to 25 tons. Available in single and double girder versions. Get in touch to help determine the best cantilever crane option for you!

2) Moving on to jib cranes, the keyword would have to be precision. Jib cranes were designed to be more precise than their peers. Perfect for circular movement in the working area, jib cranes will provide the motorized means of cargo transport you and your company need. In addition, this type of crane is extremely capable in conditions where there is little headroom. The latter expression defines working conditions with low ceiling or restrictions in height. For this, Etihadcranes can help fit jib cranes to help move loads in areas where there are heavy restrictions or low ceilings. In moderate or regular headroom conditions, these cranes can lift anywhere from 0,5 to 20 tons. If you need assistance or guidance to decide which option would be best for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Etihadcranes company produces jib and cantilever cranes with accordance to the highest quality standards. All products are fit to use right after installation. Our team will walk you through the fitting and beginning-to-use process. In addition, we can maintain, service, repair and upgrade your products. We do take quality and safety seriously, meaning that there are individual priorities which we let nothing get in the way of. 

If any additional questions occur or if you wish to consult with us about price and how to purchase a crane, please feel free to call, write an email or drop us a line via social media. There is also a convenient contact form which you can use to address concerns or get in touch!

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