Battery-powered transfer carts on rails for cranes are versatile and capable machinery. With various capacities ranging from 10 to 100 tons, all of our clients in Saudi Arabia can find a perfectly optimal solution for their needs.

Transfer carts on rails (battery-powered) move on a fixed track, usually on the ground and with little or no incline or decline. Straight shift rails direct their movement and a battery powers them. Transfer carts are great because of their average or supreme autonomy. If the loading bay is far away from the main crane, using a transfer cart is a sublime choice for efficiency. If your facility could benefit from a rail-based cargo transport system, we strongly recommend choosing this product for your venture. 

Etihadcranes has a wide range of transfer carts available, so if you might think that another option is better suited for your needs, you can find it in our catalogue. We can also make recommendations!

Etihadcranes can supply even more crane products to your business. Lifting equipment for heavy-duty problem solving, a robust chain or rope wire hoist, the aforementioned transfer carts, cranes and much, much more.

For more products for cranes, cranes in general or lifting equipment in Saudi Arabia – browse our product catalogue. We are always glad to discuss new business prospects, so get in touch if you are considering or mulling potential transfer cart purchases.

In case of questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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