Etihadcranes offers a wide range of crane products and lifting equipment solutions for industrial problem-solving. Among these are transfer carts. It is lifting equipment, designed to run on ground level. Its primary duties are to transfer loads from point A to point B. It can either move on a fixed track or autonomously on its wheels. Directional transfer carts (battery-powered) are the latter type and can be adapted to all sorts of operations and needs.

Currently, Etihadcranes in Saudi Arabia can provide high-powered directional battery-powered transfer carts with lifting capacities from 10 to 60 tons. How they operate is pretty straightforward. The cargo gets lifted (usually using a hoist) onto the platform, and the cart is controlled and moves to the designated location. This simplifies a broad range of operations and processes in factories, construction sites, etc.

The surface on which the cart moves should be level and without too many inclines or declines. The device consumes battery power and uses it to rotate the wheels. The result is an entirely autonomous transfer cart with battery-powered movement.

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