Etihadcranes offers electric chain hoist for entertainment venues. Manufactured and designed in Switzerland, this sort of hoist from our lineup is popular all over the globe. Theatres, schools, sports centres, arenas and multipurpose venues, as well as congress centres, TV and movie studios and event organisers, can benefit from our products. A Swiss-made electric chain hoist is at the peak of all crane and hoist manufacturing. 

Hoists for cranes in Saudi Arabia:

Electric chain hoist entertainment for cranes in Saudi Arabia is affordable and tremendously durable, even under the most strenuous working conditions. Our number one priority for the machinery we produce and sell to our clients is safety. Especially when there are bystanders and visitors, the hoists have to be top-notch and the room for error is simply non-existent. Etihadcranes is in the business of hoists, lifting equipment and cranes for more than half of a century. We provide all sorts of crane products to clients worldwide, but we are exceptionally proud of our vast lineup of electric chain hoist for entertainment. 

By providing numerous clients with electric chain hoist entertainment for cranes in Saudi Arabia, we have successfully developed a formula and recipe on how to make durable, long-lasting and capable equipment. Our hoists will not let you down and give you the proper tools to put on a show of a lifetime! The hoists are easy to maintain, upgrade, replace and repair. When in operation, they are among the world’s safest being acknowledged for their superior technical capabilities.

They can be applied in various spheres and fields. For cranes, hoists are the primary piece which lifts loads. This is why their capabilities and reliabilities are critical in theatres, where they lift curtains or decorations. In concert venues where performers come and put on a show, there are individual choreographies and parts of the show which could not be possible without the use of a hoist/crane. We understand that the customer demand for high-quality demand is at its highest and still growing. Etihadcranes wants to chip in and help you meet that standard by having the proper equipment to host an entertaining event or fulfill your plans for the upcoming show.

If you have any questions, want to get a quote or need to make an inquiry about price of hoists for cranes – please, feel free to send us a message or contact us via other channels. We are always glad to help out!

Types of hoists:

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