When the base setup or current layout is not enough, lean towards accessories & options for cranes from Etihadcranes. With a wide assortment of components, made to use together with your EOT cranes, gantry and semi gantry cranes, single and double girder cranes etc., we can improve the production output and work results of your cranes, cranes products and other lifting equipment. Etihadcranes offer the following options for cranes:

  • Load control for cranes accessories for cranes which helps access various essential data, like the weight of the suspended load, safe operation period, time of lifting, etc.
  • Radio controls for cranes – swift to react, easy to use, resistant and durable, radio controls improve the variety of manipulation for all cranes and every single hoist
  • Centrifugal safety brakes for cranes – as a secondary safety option, the centrifugal safety brake can prevent dangerous rotation of the load and increases safety with hoists capable lifting up to 100 tons
  • Power supply systems – pretty self-explanatory, compliant to all regulations and the highest standards, the power supply system will bring energy to your lifting equipment

If you operate cranes in Saudi Arabia, wish to; purchase or to get a price of new hoists or generally improve the quickness and safety of your current lifting equipment, do not overlook accessories and options for cranes from Etihadcranes.

With numerous satisfied clients and successfully fulfilled orders of cranes or hoist delivery, we can ensure the highest possible quality and prestige of our accessories and options for cranes currently on sale.

In case of questions arising or whether or not you feel unclarity or unsureness with regards to finding the right technical compatibility or to know a price – do not hesitate to get in touch. By dropping us a line, you will enable yourself to receive unbiased and beneficial opinions and insights in Saudi Arabia with regards to your setting.

Types of Accessories and options for cranes in Saudi Arabia:

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