Etihadcranes offers high-quality cranes, crane products & lifting solutions for a wide array of problem-solving. Electric chain hoist LCH for cranes is oriented towards industrial use. The construction is primarily aluminium and thanks to helical gears it can operate without generating too much noise. Etihadcranes offer a wide array of IP65 protection class electric chain hoists LCH for clients in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the globe.

You can also choose from a broad range of accessories, modifications and options to make your hoist for cranes even more capable. Without any modifications, however, you can optimize and use this hoist as a stationary or climbing unit. The LCH entertainment hoist is among our top sellers, being popular with clients domestically and all over the globe. In recent years, the demand for electric entertainment chain hoists skyrocketed all over the world. Etihadcranes have kept up with the demand without having to compromise quality. Our assembly lines produce top of the line units for maximum efficiency and longevity. Our long-lasting presence in the market and positive client feedback reassures it.

Our brand is committed towards quality, safety, excellence and innovation. With certified quality management systems like ISO 9001:2008 and safety management systems as well as CE certification, we are continuously striving towards these goals. Our presence is strong in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Europe (Spain and Lithuania being two of the premiere locations).

The long and short-term goal of Etihadcranes is to bring all clients a sense of quality, excellence and efficiency. This applies to all products for cranes, cranes in general and the aforementioned LCH entertainment hoist. 

If you happen to have any questions about electric chain hoist LCH price, need recommendations, insights or would like to discuss electric chain hoist entertainment purchase and price, please contact us!

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