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You can take advantage of this service to ensure that your crane always stays, and performs, in its optimum condition. Through Preventive Maintenance we strive to achieve a “no-faults” result, keeping the crane in its best possible condition, preventing the occurrence of any breakdowns, saving you time and money.

All our maintenance services conform to European & National Safety Regulations and are delivered under a contract, ensuring that you get to maximize your productivity and avoid the time lost in replacing worn down parts. Our flexible Service Guarantee is always programmed according to the working conditions of the customer and the equipment, and aims to work in the minimum possible time so that your regular work schedule is not disturbed. Etihad Cranes and Lifting Solutions always keeps the customers abreast with the latest innovations in machinery and equipment, so as to provide you with the most state of the art technology for your projects.

We take care of your cranes’ service and maintenance so that you can take care of your business!

We realize the importance of an efficient corrective management system hence we offer our customers the advantage of performing interventions quickly and effectively; minimizing the time and cost of resources, both labor and materials. We are committed to performing reliable interventions and take measures to increase the time when the need will arise again. Timely repairs ensure that your equipment operates smoothly, increasing your productivity.

This service helps to add a new facet to your crane, be it adapting to your new needs or improving safety. With new innovations happening every day, Etihad Cranes and Lifting Solutions is determined to provide the very best to its customers and our expertise allows us to renovate or upgrade any of your existing cranes.

We specialize in:

  • Replacement of hoist.

  • Replacement of motors and/or installation of variable frequency drives.

  • Replacing electrical equipment.

  • Transfer of crane to a new location, changing its dimensions.

  • Instalation of radio control.

  • Replacing open-air power lines to enclosed type ones.

From large parts such as engines or gear boxes to the most common ones, such as cables, we offer our customers with every possible spare part that they may need. Our central warehouse supplies the parts throughout our distribution channels within a very short period of time, with the highest quality and our service guarantee.

We also deal in accessories for EOT Cranes, bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, etc. and others such as radio controls, push button pendants, weighing systems, traverses and magnetic traverses, etc..

We offer:

  • Structures and light profiles.

  • Jib cranes and hoists.

  • Slings and chains.

  • Worker safety systems.

  • Suspended equipment.

  • Power supply systems.


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