Single and double girder cranes are available in different spans, lifting heights and capacities (from 1 to 400 tons). With optimized weights, they offer greater stability along with premium manufacturing system from our European manufacturer that assures perfect dimensional characteristics of the crane.

Gantry Cranes

To provide you with more flexibility, Gantry Cranes come with legs and wheels and can move on runways that are usually on floor level. With high speeds and capacities, Gantry Cranes are ideal for outdoors.

Semi-Gantry Crane

When it is not required to cover the entire width of the workshop, Semi Gantry Crane is the perfect solution. One side of the crane is on a runway at ground level while the other side runs on an elevated runway.

GH Gantry Cranes are a global benchmark.

Also known as underslung cranes, these cranes allow an optimum use of height and are the ideal choice in the absence of a traditional runway, or when very large spans are required.

They can be manufactured along with cantilevers in order to access difficult points and can even be designed to transfer materials between halls.

Cantilever Crane

When you need to serve multiple workstations without covering the entire width of the workshop or if there are mobility limitations on the ground, then Cantilever Cranes can provide the perfect solution.

Available in 1 to 25 tons in single and double girder version.

Jib Crane

Providing high precision in manual or motorized power movement, Jib Crane is the ideal solution for moving loads in a circular area next to the work station. They can be fitted with chain or wire rope hoist, in low headroom or normal headroom configuration. Available from 500 kg to 20 tons.

Known for their robustness and ease in use, maintenance and handling, Automotive Gantry Cranes on wheels offers complete autonomy, allowing the movement of loads in all types of industries and applications. This innovative crane offers remarkable results in lifting heavy loads with precision. Available from 10 tons to 400 tons as standard.

Specifically designed for heavy duty work, these cranes are ideal for when you want increased performance and greater efficiency. Process Crane is the perfect choice for providing premium productivity in difficult operating environments, high speeds and special control systems.

Types of Process and large capacity Cranes:

Paper mill cranes

Used both at the input and output of the paper machine, these cranes also assist in maintenance and the storage of paper rolls.

Waste-to-Energy cranes

We start with an extensive study about the dimensions and characteristics of the waste plant, along with its duty cycle and performance. Our technology and experience helps us to find the perfect solution for your waste plant need.

Steel industry cranes

These cranes are used for moving steels coils or steel plates, along with liquid and non liquid materials at high temperatures. For this reason, they require additional safety measures, and sometimes redundant kinematic chains.

Shipyard Cranes

These cranes can be used for carrying out welding works during fabrication, along with handling raw materials, steel blocks or parts of ship.


These cranes are used in the handling of automotive parts as well as dyes and/or raw materials.


Similar to the steel industry cranes, at times kinematic chains are used along with this crane. The capacity of the crane is dependent on the type of casting concerned. Automation systems are also included in order to streamline the manufacturing process.

Open winch

An open winch type lifting has numerous advantages:

- Higher lifting speeds and/or increased lifting capacities and/or higher FEM working groups.

- To improve the accessibility and regulation the brake is completely exterior.

- To provide easy access for maintenance and inspection, the gear box has a top opening lid.

- Elastic couplings are used to make connections between motor and gearbox, and gearbox and drum.

- To ensure the correct placement of wire rope in drum grooves, the Slack Wire Rope Detector mechanism is used.

- Greater accessibility is provided for maintenance of various components.

- To avoid lateral displacement of hook during lifting, true vertical lift is kept as standard.

- Offers the possibility to use 1 motor instead of two, thus halving the probability of having a breakdown. With an increased motor size, there is a possibility of using engines of 1,500 and 1,000 rpm.

These cranes are specially designed for marine maintenance work and resistant to corrosive environments. Types of marine cranes:

Automotive gantry crane

Known for their robustness and ease in use, maintenance and handling, Automotive Gantry Cranes on wheels offers complete autonomy, allowing the movement of loads in all types of industries and applications. This innovative crane offers remarkable results in lifting heavy loads with precision. Available from 10 tons to 400 tons as standard.

Marine Jib cranes

Also known as Port Jib Cranes, these cranes are designed specifically for moving boats on the marina. Available from 1 ton to 20 tons.

Transfer Carts are available in a number of varieties and capacities, from 10 to 100 tons. They are modular in construction and allow movement changes at ground level in all types of industries and applications.

The transfer carts on rails (straight shifts) can either be powered by batteries or cable reels. Whereas the directional (free movement) transfer carts are only available as battery powered.

Types of Transfer Carts

Directional Transfer Carts (Battery Powered)

Available in capacities from 10 ton up to 60 tons, these directional transfer carts (fixed displacement) operate with battery power. They are autonomous and can move freely on smooth surfaces both on the inside and the outside on the ship.

Transfer Carts on Rails (Battery powered)

These are manufactured in capacities from 10 tons to 100 tons. Their movement is made on rails (straight shifts) and is battery operated.

Transfer Carts on Rails (Cable Reel Powered)

These transfer carts travel on rails (straight shifts) with capacities ranging from 10 to 100 tons. The can be powered by winding or armored line.

Rail Vehicle Transfer Carts

These specialized transfer carts are used for moving railway vehicles. Available in capacities from 60 to 150 tons, they are mainly used for moving trains for maintenance work, and are quick, safe and easy to use.

These are the various components used alongside and in the manufacturing of EOT Cranes, Gantry and Semi Gantry Cranes, Single and Double Girder Cranes. Technical support included.

Types of Accessories and options:

Load control

All our Hoists come equipped with a standard Load Limit Device. Model ALE-100/TN, which also includes black box features. Along with the load cell, an optional LCD display in the radio remote can be used to get easy access to the following data: Suspended Load, Safe Operation Period.

Number of lifting movements, Number of impulse lifting movements, Time of lifting, Number of overloads, Number of trolley movements, Number of crane movements, Service reminder based on hours and/or calendar.

Radio Controls

These ergonomically compact, shock resistant radio controls are made in polypropylene and the wide distribution buttons offers you ease of use. The double acting and highly sensitive push buttons can be replaced by selection switches or manipulators.

The radio controls operate on rechargeable Ni-MH batteries are offer fast and smart charging. The controls comply with standard IP65 (ATEX classification available on demand), safety category 3, with continuous signal transmission. Frequency bands of operation 433/870/915 MHz with quick and easy frequency change.

An optional LCD screen is also available.

Centrifugal Safety Brake

This proves to be a convenient option when the secondary safety brake is required. It is available as an option for hoists from GHD to GHG, up to 100 tons. It is purely mechanical, thus when the load exceeds by 20% of its rated rotation speed, this brake is instantly activated and the load is halted.

Power Supply System

Manufactured according to VDE, European and International standards and regulations for accident prevention, this enclosed conductor system is suitable to supply power safely to EOT Cranes, Gantry and Cantilever Cranes, monorail hoists, etc. for indoor and outdoor installations. It is easy to to install and corrosion resistant and ensures protection against accidental contact, according to IP23. Can be offered with heating and neoprene seal to reach protection level IP24, according to EN 60529, VDE 0470, part 1. IP44 is also available on request. Other combinations with copper conductors are also available.


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